The ticket is not transferable, in view of exempting a certain person because of their age and skills for handling vehicle. The transfer of use of the ticket is prohibited. And occur, the ringmaster order immediately output the same to the person who is unduly passing through it.

The user is obliged to always follow the instructions of the Chief of Track, both when transiting the same as before and after doing so, all in order to ensure the personal safety of customers and other users.

You may not use recklessly or inconsiderate assigned vehicle, nor the facilities at your disposal. It should therefore bear the damage caused both by misuse thereof or for not following the instructions of the Chief Steward. Besides the ringmaster may require the user to output the same, if while driving out of it colliding with the side shields, lunges or shuts off the other drivers, throw objects from the vehicle as well as any other ciscunstancia , which in his opinion, endanger other road users or facilities.

The ringmaster may prohibit any user to start circuilar down the track if the judgment of the same user showed signs of intoxication, lack of legal age to drive a buggy or any other circumstances which, in its discretion, not advised to use vehicle.

Must wear the protective helmet. It also prohibits smoking while driving and traveling without shirt or without proper footwear for proper control of the vehicle. All meet these requirements will make the ringmaster.

The company is not responsible for accidents by the user who contravenes the provisions of these general conditions remaining aware suffered. Their liability is limited to mechanical failure to submit the buggy.

The company is not liable for damage caused by the driver of the vehicle, by his own negligence or careless driving, both in his own person, and third, as well as facilities circuit and on the slopes of the damage were caused by accidents incurred as a result of failures or defects in the track facilities. Therefore, the company declines all responsibility for misuse of facilities, equipment, etc., made available to the client.

Overtaking, the vehicle wheel slower try to facilitate overtaking. It is recommended as a standard of good practice to let pass on the straight and not get in parallel curves.

The track is abandoned by the service road enabled for that purpose and that it shall be indicated by the organizers at the beginning of the batch and the previous briefing.

 C-260 Km 39

17487 Ampuriabrava/Girona/Cataluña  

Al lado Aeródromo de Empuriabrava  

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